Cheers at the Big Chair is closing March 22

The following was shared on Facebook by Dionne Bussey-Reeder, owner of Cheers at the Big Chair. The Advoc8te tips her years to the many years of service of Big Chair Cafe and then Cheers at the Big Chair. The Advoc8te remembers fondly the opening of the cafe in my early years living east of the river.

Hello All FaceBook Family! We want to be clear. Business draws business! Having BusBoys and Poets come to Anacostia was a dream come true! Their presence has increased business in just a short while. We appreciate the Far SE Collaborative and Andy Shallah and Busboys for taking a chance in bringing a great local chain to Ward 8. Their coming is NOT THE REASON FOR OUR CLOSING! Please support them! We need more retail, businesses and amenities east is the river.. Our issue is we DIDN’T own our building and the owners Curtis Brothers would not offer us a lease extension. Trust me we tried with all we could to negotiate a new lease. We are confident that what God has for us is for us! We like all of you will miss Cheers On MLK... we have invested all we had to make all of you happy. We are sad but we know great things are yet to come! Stay tuned we are not gone forever just for now! We are committed to helping to end the food desert that exist east of the Anacostia river!
— - Dionne Bussey-Reeder